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What Happened at Dos Erres?

In 1982, the Guatemalan military massacred the villagers of Dos Erres, killing more than 200 people. Thirty years later, a Guatemalan living in the US got a phone call from a woman who told him that two boys had been abducted during the massacre -- and he was one of them.

To Adopt a Child

Adoptive parents on the verge of bringing home a child find themselves caught between two governments.

Correspondent / Producer / Editor / Camera: Habiba Nosheen

Surrogacy: Wombs for Rent?

Commercial surrogacy—when women are paid to carry and deliver babies for people who cannot conceive them biologically—is banned in almost every developed country in the world except the U.S., making it a land of opportunity for parents around the world. (Produced by Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann)

Producer / Camera & Assistant Editor: Habiba Nosheen

Pakistan's Lesbians Live In Silence, Love In Secret

One, Two, Three Rolls You're Out - The New York Times (2009)

Photo by: Jessica Kourkounis for The New York Times


Credit: Producer

APBA baseball has changed little in 52 years, but still has a big fan base. This year, Lancaster, Penn., hosted the biggest tournament in decades.

Healthy Eating Tips To Take From Ramadan NPR (2009)


Credit: Reporter/Producer

Many Muslims are fasting during this month of Ramadan. Habiba Nosheen spent the evening at a local mosque in Washington, D.C., and has some healthy eating tips for those who are fasting during the long summer months.

A Personal Lesson in Geriatric Care - The New York Times (2009)

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Kristen Murphy, a medical student attending the University of New England, learns first hand what it feels like to be dependent on nursing home care.

The Camel Boys - CBC (2008)


Credit: Reporter/Producer

A Radio Documentary by Habiba Nosheen on CBC's The Current.

The documentary tells the story of two young boys snatched from their homes and forced to work as child slaves in the camel-racing trade of the United Arab Emirates.

Penny Pain - CBC 2008


CBC 's Marketplace. February 13, 2008

Tax-cuts that were suppose to be going to Canadians tax-payers are surprisingly ending up in different pockets.